Here’s a new report from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) reporting on progress towards the world’s “Education for All” goal. [The Millennium Development Goal #2 was to ensure every child worldwide has access to primary education.]
How are we doing? Ouch: “With the deadline for the Education for All goals less than two years away, it is clear that, despite advances over the past decade, not a single goal will be achieved globally by 2015.” Some 50 million kids never see a school.
UNESCO says even just adding one more year of education to those living in the developing world can boost the economy by two percent GDP.
How could we accelerate progress? UNESCO says, “One way to do this is for governments to close all those tax loopholes and special favors to international corporations (aka ‘corruption’) that today divert funding away from public needs.”
Gosh, that’s such a good idea. Do you think our own legislators in Olympia might be persuaded by UNESCO?